Since the 1950’s, Taylor Forge Engineered Systems, Inc., has been manufacturing pressure vessels at our plants in Paola and Greeley, Kansas.

Even with our position and reputation in the marketplace, we have embarked on a program of continuous improvement to push us to improve all aspects of our business. Our dedication to creating customer value through high-quality, safe, on-time solutions is present now more than ever.

Taylor Forge Engineered Systems designs and fabricates a wide variety of pressure vessels in a multitude of applications and materials.  In many instances we take process design responsibility but in many others we strictly do the mechanical design and fabrication.  With the ability to roll plate up to 7 inches thick we are known as a heavy wall fabrication company.  But we can also supply special application vessels in a variety of materials, sizes, and thicknesses.

Our pressure vessels have been installed in gas plants, refineries, power plants, chemical plants, at space launch facilities, on offshore platforms, and in numerous industrial applications.  We would be happy to review your pressure vessel application to see if our skills and experience can be of service.

Our limitations are only what the logistics of our facility locations present.  In general, we can make any size up to approximately a 13 foot outside shippable envelope in weights up to 250 tons.

For more information on the Pressure Vessel Fabrication process and to view all informational PDF’s available please visit our Resources section.

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