A leader in scraper trap technology and fabrication for many years, Taylor Forge Engineered Systems has been one of the foremost suppliers of scraper traps (also known as launcher and receiver traps or pig traps) throughout the world.

Scraper traps are typically located at compressor stations and terminal points of the pipeline. During construction, temporary scraper traps can be located at convenient intervals in order to clean construction debris from the new pipeline. Scraper traps can be designed to accommodate scraper pigs, sphere pigs, “smart” pigs or any combination of the three.

Traps can be supplied to any degree of packaging and fabrication required. The basic component is the barrel, or body, which is manufactured from either rolled & welded plate or from seamless pipe with an attached reducer section. Branch outlets are typically supplied using integrally die-formed extrusions. All barrel openings are either beveled or flanged and are shipped ready for final installation.

For more information on Scraper Traps and their features and to view all informational PDF’s available please visit our Resources section.

Our traps can be supplied with any type of specified closure, from screwed, to clamp ring, to locking ring. We provide a range of designs from manually operated to fully automated. We will supply any major manufacturers’ closure upon request.

Engineering Design

A fully capable, degreed engineering staff can provide all the design disciplines necessary to complete scraper trap packages like structural design, pipe stress analysis, and instrumentation logic.

Metallurgical Expertise

With the expansion of deepwater applications, higher design and operating pressures have pushed the industry to higher strength materials. TFES is a leader in the gas transmission industry in developing new high strength, low alloy steels which meet all the metallurgical requirements of ductility, chemistry, cleanliness, and weldability at yield strengths up to 80,000 SMYS. We stock high strength material that can meet NACE and HIC standards. We have the ability to fabricate traps and assemblies from a variety of alloy materials for other applications including austenitic and duplex stainless steels, chromes, and high nickel alloys.

Extruded Headers

Traps can experience fatigue stresses due to their pressure cycles. The application of the extruded outlet for the major operational connections results in a low stress joint configuration in a highly stressed area. All fabrication welds can then be radiographed ensuring their quality.

Code Experience

ASME B31.3
ASME B31.4
ASME B31.8

High Pressure Applications

Traps can be designed and fabricated for design pressures from ANSI 300 class ratings to 20,000 psi. New technology has allowed producers to go into deepwater regions to find gas and oil. TFES’s design and fabrication capabilities and high-pressure experience have allowed pigging technology to keep up with this ever-evolving market. We have the capability to hydrostatically test assemblies to 50,000 psi.

Skid Mounted Systems

Many offshore and some onshore applications require complete pigging packages, fully fabricated and automated ready to install on a platform. TFES has the capabilities and experience to provide fully operational packages, skid mounted with automated valves and instruments for most any application.

For the information request form and to view all informational PDF’s available please visit our Resources section.

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